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Tell your friends, colleagues and partners about us. Even if you don’t have the urge or need to find a job right now, they might. So please spread the good word and help us to make connections: visit our Facebook page, like it and share it if you wish. Tweet #Zharity and help us to get in touch with people and link to the job market. Finally - please tell us what we could be doing better while making a difference.


What is Zharity?

Zharity is a social enterprise* that aims to help all immigrants, newcomers, and asylum seekers to integrate into and contribute to the Finnish society by linking them with job opportunities.

* A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being—this may include maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders. What differentiates social enterprises is that their social mission is as core to their success as any potential profit.

Zharity Mission

We at Zharity believe that work is the quickest and best way to get to know, and effectively integrate into the society you live in, especially in Finland and most of the EU countries.

At Zharity, we help immigrants and newcomers to find jobs right away once they have the legal right to work. We help and empower them by offering them links to job vacancies that best fit their skills. We also help companies to find the best motivated professionals ready to work.

We believe that a brighter future awaits us as long as we can work and serve the community. At Zharity, we hope that you will work with us to help newcomers to a build a better future for all of us.

Zharity Vision

Our first goal is to help 1000 immigrants, newcomers, or asylum seekers to find work within a year from our launch in 2016 in Finland. In order to achieve this, we have already started to work with employers from several industries.

Our next goal is to help tens of thousands of work seekers to find work in several EU countries in cooperation with local and EU-wide partners. After that, we aim to expand our operative scale to nearby countries. By 2020, we aim to serve millions of work seekers and tens of thousands of employers in our selected markets.

We achieve these goals by passionate professionalism in order to create a better, functioning, flexible and cost-effective market for work and work related services. In the process, we also hope to shift public opinion towards newcomers from prejudiced stereotyping towards a more fact-based view.

What makes Zharity different?

We are simply an awesome team. We are a multitalented bunch of ambitious, performance-oriented people covering a very wide field of industries, professions, cultures and life experiences. And we are connected with hundreds of similar people all over the globe.

We have the cultural, linguistic, and professional means to succeed in dealing with both immigrated people and European employers and partners. Our team has considerable international experience from listed international companies to small enterprises and professional work. One of our co-founders is an Iraqi refugee in Finland, and our chief technology developer in Sweden has emigrated from Czech Republic!

We are also very social, professionally and personally, both in Facebook and on Twitter. In less than one month, we have reached over 1000 followers on FB, and we are getting more daily - without paid media or active press promotion. We are very popular amongst the refugee community because we speak their language, understand their culture and challenges, and we provide them a service they need and are eager to use.



Core team

Our core team members are entrepreneurs, investors and professionals. We have our backgrounds in various businesses and professions from manufacturing and engineering, ICT and other business services, sales and marketing communication, to advertising and promotion. We come from Finland, Iraq, and Czech and cover many fields of industries, educations, countries, cultures, ages and beliefs.

Perttu Isotalo

Perttu Isotalo

Founder and CEO

Maadh Alsammarraie

Maadh Alsammarraie


Luk Puk

Luk Puk

Chief Technology Developer

Story and Evolution

Brief about our Story and Evolution

After the refugee crisis escalated in the EU in 2015, approximately 30.000 refugees came to Finland. Some people started to volunteer to help asylum seekers, which is how we became interested in what we are currently doing. While we were doing voluntary work with asylum seekers, it came to our attention that it takes a year or more to receive a decision on their asylum applications. During this time, asylum seekers are left to live in camps just wandering about, depending for much on volunteering activity. Government representatives said that they simply didn’t have enough resources to educate asylum seekers on the workings of the Finnish society or to teach them about the habits and the culture until a decision on asylum status was made. Of course, that void was partially filled by voluntary people and organizations, which is very much appreciated by asylum seekers.

However, most of the people we talked with in private keenly wanted to know how they could find work - any kind of work - as soon as possible. They were sons or young male relatives sent on the dangerous journey to find a safe asylum, where they hoped to later bring their families. Many of them were educated. Some were engineers, others programmers and database managers, some people in internet and telephone business, many lorry and truck drivers, welders and construction workers, and some salespeople and entrepreneurs.

People from all fields of life and professions, who were NOT used to or expecting to live off of social security - they wanted to and expected to work for living, not to depend on the mercy and goodwill of other people. Many of them also gladly worked voluntarily in order to be of use. We fully supported their quest, but knew that employment was going to be very difficult via “official” channels in a highly regulated society that functions in a way different from what they were used to.

It helped us to know that for some reason earlier such “official” programs had pretty much failed to effectively employ people who came to Finland over 10 years ago from differing cultural backgrounds, such as people from Middle East, Afghanistan and Northern Africa. This despite that fact that at the same time there are 360.000 “hidden” jobs and that in certain industries employers struggle to find the thousands of personnel they need and keeping them for long enough.

We thought that waiting for years and years until “official” decisions are made, and refugees are trained and educated - and perhaps then finally employed in programs supported by public funding is simply not a good idea in times like these. **

Thus In October 2015 we launched our program to help people to find work by linking them as DIRECTLY as possible to potential employers and other services they need to get employed or perhaps start a business on their own. We believe that in this way they can start paying back sooner to the society, exactly like they would like to do. We also firmly believe that once people get work, they get the skills and education they need, as they successfully have in many other countries. And satisfying this demand for work also helps officials to better focus the limited public resources to what is actually most needed, be it language training, vocational training or safety and other certificates needed in certain professions.

Some stats (prelaunch)

Already before official launch - in order to test the waters, check the needs, connect with asylum seekers and get info and feedback from them - we have established a social media presence.

Asylum seekers and newly immigrated people have also connected to us - we definitely know there is huge need for us and our services:


FB likes



30 people


30 people





Companies and partners in Zharity network

We are popular amongst the immigrated people

We are simply very popular amongst the immigrants, newcomers, asylum seekers, and the refugee community since we speak their language and we understand their culture and the challenges they face.

We can be reached via Facebook, Twitter and plain old-fashioned email.

Our Facebook page is going viral. In less than a month, we have reached over 1000 followers, and are getting more daily, without paid advertising or press coverage.

We are very popular amongst Finns as well. We have strong co-operation and share information with Startup Refugees that has a network of 250+ partners and companies wanting to connect with refugees. Not to mention our team's own professional networks covering all Nordic countries, Europe and the globe.

Zharity partners?

Zharity is well connected with the business world in Finland. One of our unique strengths is our close connection with the startup world in Finland - a small token of this is that we were a recruiting partner for Slush connecting 15.000 entrepreneurs and investors in all kinds of startups across Europe.

We have allies and partners, who are looking forward to help employ people in various industries. We also have cooperation with many Non Governmental Organizations such as Startup Refugees.

We have gained thousands of contacts over the course of 6 months.

For Companies:

If you are looking to hire people, or if you are looking for a chance to grow internationally, Zharity offers you the option of searching through an international pool of skilled candidates who could work locally or as international and market experts to help you grow your business even overseas.

All you need to do is register your company in our website!

How to help Zharity?

If you think our initiative is worth a few minutes of your time and want to help us grow - or if you simply want to benefit from our eager job seeker base and related services - you could:


Sign up your company, organization or enterprise. We are looking for companies and enterprises - be they private, public or third sector - that are ready to hire asylum seekers, newly immigrated people, or refugees in Finland (or elsewhere). We expect employers to strictly adhere to all laws and binding regulations in their respective countries and industries.


You can also help us by using a value-added service (e.g. help in finding appropriate people for your need) or - in case you don’t need someone to work for you right now - ask for a reasonably priced information package that highlights some facts about our job seekers. We assure you that we price our services very cost-effectively and all proceeds from information package will go 100% toward helping refugees, asylum seekers, and newly migrated people find jobs and build better lives.


You can also help us grow by donating your expertise or knowledge - partner with us like many already have. Let us know how you could help us or how you would like to make a difference.

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